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The Trivium: The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric by: Sister Miriam Joseph, Marguerite McGlinn “In true liberal education…the essential activity of the student is to relate the facts learned into a unified, organic whole, to assimilate them as…the rose assimilates food from the soil and increases in size, vitality, and beauty.” $ 18.95 - BUY BOOK

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The essence of Natural law is the principal of Free Will, the right to pursue your happiness and protect your well-being. The essence of Man’s law is to control the human spirit through regulations and distortions of Natural law. To arrive at this one must understand the history behind Natural law and the desire of dominant individuals to use all means necessary to have other people bend to their will. Let us start with the ancient philosopher’s study of animals to base some of the most practical and principal laws of nature. The sexes, male and female in the animal kingdom, the difference in the behaviors of the two are quite striking and in order for the survival of the species the two must play their part without exception. Enters man’s law prevision rule the day and protect it. Keep the common man confused and all will be well.



If you control both extremes you will control the middle, the common man, without his consent. As the lines of what normal (natural) behavior is blurred, the common man is forced to accept what is instinctively abnormal (natural) and he begins to lose confidence in his ability to perceive the world around him through his common senses. This loss of confidence is the key to keeping the common man on loose footing and manageable by the dominant individual that wants to exercise control over him. All they have to do is trot their expert (willing idiot) out on stage and tell everyone listening that this is the latest in modern thought and the establishment supports the findings.

Once you have discovered to trust your ability to observe and correctly catalog the information perceived through your senses it is time to broaden your skill set. There is a series of “tried and true” study that many of the great minds in history used in their own attempt to discern information from what they observed but more importantly they used to critically challenge what they were taught and told by other human beings. These studies are the classic Liberal Arts that were intended to liberate one’s mind to understand the world around us. Our current educational system is designed to be a servile education so we fit into the corporate structure “A Useful Idiot.”

discovered to trust your ability


I have assembled a collection of knowledge that I am sure will help to fill in a lot of the blanks. Visit my library where I have carefully handpicked books to help guide you in your quest for “Truth”; to teach you how to question things around you and cut through the noise.

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