Finding the Truth
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Living in such a fast paced society, it is easy to fall into the rhythm that everyone around follows. It’s not just the rhythm in time, it’s about the ideas that are constantly in our minds, the thoughts, even deeper, the way of thinking. We grow up in cultures where we learn to act a certain way; to think like others do and to speak like them as well. We have such clear examples and rules about what we are supposed to do that it is only natural for us to look at what’s different as something that doesn’t seem quite right. It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t look right. But is it really right or wrong?

Over time, we lose the ability to discern between what is good and evil and simply fall into the current of culture, following everyone else. If you have noticed this happening around you, you are one step closer to understanding what is happening. You can begin your path towards discovery of what is real and what is not.

Most people go through life simply going through the motions. They go to school, then college, they get a job, they marry, they have children, they retire (if they are lucky enough) and they die. And they might have done all that without giving themselves the chance to understand the truth of what was going on around them. They might have simply done what everyone else expected of them, without taking the time to find out who they really were, or pausing for a moment to see the beauty in everything around them.

In order to grow on a personal and intellectual level, it is vital to begin this process of discovery, of questioning why you believe in what you believe. Who taught you that it didn’t matter whether you killed that fly? Who taught you about the God you believe in? How do you know what’s right and what’s wrong?

Take a moment to shut out all the mainstream voices. Stop listening to political and religious speeches and dig deeper into yourself to find out what is really true; the truth inside yourself. Then move on to questioning the truth outside.

This is no easy task, but luckily, if you are interested in finding out more, there are people who have been doing it for years, with wide experience and a lot of information that you might find useful. Also consider that if you give the chance to do this, you will probably be able to give more to the world around you. If or when you have children, you will be able to pass on this knowledge, and help them grow to be more conscious people.

Freedom Seekers is a group that wants to help you on your path to finding out the truth. They will be able to walk down that path with you, guide you and help you become a better version of yourself. Check out their webpage to find out more.

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