The power of the mind to form pictures.

The Power of Imagination


Unlike our other internal senses — which include memory, intellect and reason — imagination is something that doesn’t rely solely on any kind of sensorial experience but instead is capable of creating things far beyond the boundaries and limitations of fact and logic. Although it can take inspiration from past sensorial memories, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our imagination is stuck to those limited resources. Albert Einstein said that this limitlessness was what made it even better than the limited concept of knowledge. Our imagination has a way to create the smallest of things or even a whole world entirely, even without the need for such memories acquired through the limited physical senses.

Artists use their imagination to create beautiful paintings, write a novel or even a trilogy, choreograph a dance, compose lyrics for a song or arrange music. It is through the use of imagination that digital artists and animators can create fictional characters with superhuman abilities, unrealistic standards of beauty and whatnot. But although art is probably the most obvious way of expressing our imaginative side, when expressed in real-life situations our imagination and creativity can serve as key helpers in boosting our problem solving abilities. They help us invent new scenarios and create innovative solutions in order to move forward in life.

Basically, imagination is present in our lives in two main forms: in its voluntary form to help us entertain ourselves or bring out the sleeping artist in us whenever when we get bored, or plan for the future. Its involuntary form is mainly experienced through sleep. Have you ever woken up wondering how your mind could’ve come up with half the things in that dream? That was your imagination at work, taking from what you have experienced and adding its own unlimited flavor. It accompanies us through life, from when we were children who listened to bedtime stories and fell asleep dreaming about those stories, and all the way into adulthood when we become inspired to recreate a scene described in a fairytale, perhaps for a memorable marriage proposal.

Your imagination is a tool that you probably aren’t taking full advantage of. Its potential and the things it can give you are beyond what you can think of or can imagine right now. It is very common for people to block their artistic or imaginative side because they want to focus on numbers, or logic, or the blunt reality right in front of them. However, exploring this amazing part of your mind is something that can give you a lot of benefits, such as more agility with your problem solving skills and a fresh and different take on the world around you. Therefore, don’t underestimate or even suppress the power of your imagination.

Even if you think that you simply are not the type of person who can sit down and write a book, the thing is that we all have the ability to do such things. The problem is that most of the time we don’t give ourselves the chance to even try. Your imagination makes anything possible and knowing this in a conscious way can help you be a stronger, more resourceful and much more determined person, ready to reach for your dreams with a bolder and more carefree attitude.