Our Internal Senses Make Us Who We Are


Have you ever heard how you should never stumble upon the same stone twice? It can be said that the only way to avoid making the same mistake a second time is by processing it and recording it in your memory bank. Doing so will make you think twice before making that very same mistake yet again. This ability to cope to certain life situations is attributed to our internal senses.

All of us typically grow up learning about our five physical senses early in life. But did you know that you have more senses aside from just these five? There are actually a number of internal, intangible senses that are just as important as our physical, external ones. These include memory, imagination, intuition, intellect and reason. These are the senses that make human behavior distinguishable from animal behavior, making us deeply aware and conscious about ourselves and the world around us. Our physical and internal senses give us the chance to seek a deeper purpose and meaning in life. This sets us apart from animals, whose main business is confined to just eating, sleeping, defending and mating.

Through time, these internal senses have been a topic of great interest in studies and discussions among philosophers, doctors, researchers and students, with hopes of understanding them better. Their significance in life is that they enable us to tap into our minds, taking into account our previous experiences before responding to situations. Our internal senses can easily be related using terms such as your heart, your soul, a Higher Being and your connection with the spiritual world. How we use these internal senses speak about who we are as persons and sentient beings.

Directly correlated with our physical senses, these internal senses make use of the present, the past and the future, for us to rationalize and advance from one life situation to another. Even though they are harder to understand, they are as important as the physical, palpable senses. Your memory, imagination, intuition, intellect and reason can help you understand much more complicated situations than the mere fact that a leaf is green. It can help you understand other beings and be aware of their feelings, their pain and their joys.

In the present society we live in, we often allow people into our lives based simply on external considerations of beauty, strength, fame or wealth. However, more often than not, such superficial trappings do not necessarily reflect what’s within. Simply relying on what our physical senses perceive often wreaks havoc on our personal and social lives.

On the other hand, setting our internal senses in active mode means opening up your heart, mind and soul; and connecting to another person beyond all external considerations and superficiality. On the deepest level, our internal senses give us one of the most amazing opportunities we can have in life: the chance to truly connect with others, as well as to understand and love them for what they are inside and not just for how they appear to our limited physical senses.