In essence what every man should know:


How do I correctly discern the world around me?

What is Natural Law?

What is Man’s Law?

What is Religion?

What is Government?

What is Money?

What role does Philosophy play in all the above?


The books suggested in our library are summaries of the above topics most contain reference material for your curiosity to explore.

Dictionary (lexicon): “A book giving the words and meaning of the words in a language and notes on usage”. I suggest using a dictionary published prior to “1960” the older the better. It is my opinion that we often know words by inference rather than reference, when in doubt take the time and look the word up and please do not Google it. I prefer cutting to the chase and being precise in my communications. If you are not aware they are adding new words (slang, technology and scientific) each year to our dictionary, more definitions that we have to cut through on our quest for the truth. The scientific community uses a dead language (Latin) to identify genus and species because the language never changes therefor each scientist know exactly what is meant by Homo erectus.

The Trivium: This is not an all-inclusive book but a summary of the basics to understanding the mechanics and importance of our command of the language we use to convey our perception of reality. It also covers and defines the logical fallacies and the use of rhetoric whether it be truth or deceit. In essence discerning what you are being told.

Mathematics and the Physical World (The Quadrivium): This is a great book for any of us that had a hard time coming to terms of why we need to know arithmetic. If you are a wiz at math you can forgo the reading but it is a great reference to help others understand the importance of using number to discover the unseen forces that guide nature and discern the rhetoric with numbers being used by the experts to make their point.

Summary of Religions: Read this to free the mind and understand that all cultures believe in a Creator of nature. The common man regardless of his religion is the same as any other man and wants the same things for his family, to be left in peace and provide safety. Most religions provide a moral guide to right living.

The Creature From Jekyll Island: This is essential to the understanding of how money works and the power of the people that control it.

The 5000 Year Leap: This is the story of the American social experiment and the effect freedom has on humanity. It also covers Natural Law and Government.

The Bible: The definition of religion; Conscientious devotion to a principle or ideal. The Bible is a collection of books that have been deemed essential to the understanding of Christianity or you could say the Bible is the story of man in the western culture.

The Story of Philosophy: Most people will tell you that this is a subject that is too difficult to wrap your head around but this book is an easy read. You find yourself identifying with ideas presented by some of the” great minds” maybe you are a philosopher!

The Great Books: This collection of books is at the core of Western Culture and its iconic minds that the social engineers touted to further their agenda. If you only read the first 3 books of the set you will gain more insight than any study course in college or university and it is a great source of reference on just about anything you can think of.