The sense by which we perceive a flavor sensation through the mouth.

Taste as a Door to Other Senses


Whether you are a hardcore foodie, a celebrated chef, or a regular person who simply enjoys sitting down to a good meal, the sense of taste gives you the opportunity to revel in something delicious.

Taste is a very delicate sense and, even though it’s not as powerful or as sensitive as your sense of smell, it can also take you back to memories of long ago. Eating pasta may perhaps remind you of your honeymoon in Italy. Cake and ice cream may remind you of birthdays and weddings in your family.

On a more personal level, we usually associate certain kinds of food with people or past experiences significant to our lives. On a more general viewpoint, food is symbolic of a culture. The ingredients used in a local cuisine as well as the flavor of dishes cooked give us an idea on the fertility of the land and the traditions passed on through generations. How food is prepared, served and eaten can showcase the traditional importance of meals, which are generally seen as a healthy way of gathering family, friends and loved ones.

This personal, social and cultural value of food makes taste a very important sense. However, with the busy lives most people lead nowadays, it can be easy to fall into the unhealthy side of the spectrum. Although most of us generally prefer eating with someone else, we usually end up eating on our own simply because of our fast-paced lifestyle. We often rush through breakfast in the morning because we are already late for work. We often take fifteen minutes to eat some fast food takeout for lunch or in between meetings. And maybe it’s only once in a month that we’re lucky enough to cook something half decent for dinner and enjoy 30 precious minutes to share with our family.

We have become too immersed either in work or in our social media life, that we have forgotten how amazing it is to sit down with a loved one and truly savor that fresh bagel with salmon and cream cheese, without having to take a snapshot of the meal before, during and after, or taking selfies while eating.

With the easy access we have to information, why don’t we use our smartphones and laptops to find healthy and easy-to-prepare dishes for our family? Why don’t we involve them in the process instead of dreading coming home and having to cook? Imagine coming downstairs every morning excited about a new delicious recipe you want to try. Imagine cooking it and sitting down with your loved one, enjoying each bite along with a cup of coffee and the morning paper.

Take the time to enjoy the amazing gastronomical sensations a simple meal can bring. To further enhance the experience, share that simple meal with a significant other. A joy share is a joy doubled, so they say. And it’s true. Although there are no apparent physical changes in our sense of taste whether we’re eating alone or with a friend, a meal simply and inexplicably tastes so much better when shared with another.